Shepherds, Sheep, and Swaddling Clothes


Christmas has come and gone, and for us Minnesotans, we are looking forward to the warm spring and summer months, spent on the lake and outside. But if I could for just a moment, I would like to rewind the clock and go back to the Christmas season. There is something I learned this past Christmas from a song that has changed the way I view and understand the Nativity story.
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Is Jesus Worth It?


Every year, my church has a week during the spring called “Mission’s Week”. For an entire week, my church focuses on missions and how God uses us to spread His kingdom all over the world. On Sundays, we have special speakers, usually missionaries, who share their testimonies and what God is doing through them in the world. We also have a few other events during the week, whether it’s going to hear a speaker, attending a workshop, etc.
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Questions, Questions, So Many Questions

Okay, so I’ve never really done any of these “tag” games that you see on blogs or social media sites. They’re not really my thing. But I felt that I should do a least one since it was requested of me by an OYANer and she gave my blog a plug in her blog post. So here it goes.

1. Would you rather be a world dictator or a prisoner for life?
Um, hmmmm. Well, to be honest, I don’t really like either of those options. Do I have to answer this question? Can I just say neither? *sigh* I guess I would say prisoner for life simply because I absolutely do not want to be a world dictator.

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Gale’s Revenge – Chapter Three: FIRE!

I awoke to the sound of someone opening a door. My eyes fluttered open. Sunlight streamed in at the window, making my head ache. I reached my hand up to my head and discovered that someone bandaged it. The same with the scratch on my arm. As I lay there, I looked about the room and found a young man bent over a fire, stirring something in a pot. The smell of venison, mingled with herbs and vegetables, wafted towards me and made my stomach growl. I groaned and tried to sit up but my strength would not let me. Upon hearing my groans, the man stood and came over to me. From his appearance, I guessed that he might be between the ages of 20 to 23. A wavy mop of blond hair lay atop his head, with two sparkling blue eyes that shone through the strands of hair hanging in his face.
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I Kissed Pre-Marital Kissing Goodbye

*Disclaimer* I’m putting this here after some controversial comments and discussions that were made after this post was published. This post is in no way connected to Joshua Harris and his book “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”. The title is just a pun. While I myself do not agree with his views, I do not dislike or hate those who agree with that book or Harris’ views. Thank you.

Quite a few weeks ago, I forget how many, I had the opportunity to be apart of a movie that a fellow classmate of mine was making for his film class. Now I’m not saying that my acting skills are anything to brag about, but I have always thought it would be fun to be in a movie, whether it be homemade or professional. Granted, I was not the only person he asked. Anyway, it sounded like a fun opportunity and I really wanted to do it. That is until I found out about something I would be required to do in the film:
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I Belong in Middle-Earth, My Home


Tonight, I returned to Middle-Earth in the company of Frodo and the Fellowship of the Ring. Tonight, I watched “The Fellowship of the Ring” for the first time and fell in love with Middle-Earth all over again.

There are not enough words in the English language to describe the longing, love, and want in my heart for Middle-Earth to be real and to travel there. Whenever I see pictures of the Shire, Erebor, or Middle-Earth, I yearn to be where I cannot ever be. My heart longs to go home, to the land of Middle-Earth.
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Yet another one of my “complete the story” stories. This one is “Hamilton” themed for all you “Hamilton” fans out there. Enjoy!

He closed the door shut and leaned back against it as if it wouldn’t stay shut without the weight of his body. He felt like he had half the world chasing after him. An exaggeration, yes, but when you started adding up people like…
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Canning Jars


Here’s another one of those “complete the story” stories. My mom wrote this one. It’s about her mother, my grandma, who passed away in 2015 because of Alzheimer’s. This whole story actually happened. Enjoy!

I didn’t cry when she died, or at the funeral, or at the reception. It wasn’t until the next morning when I went into the pantry and saw row upon row of canned vegetables, fruits and jams she had prepared for the long winter ahead. The shelves were filled with…
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