Praying for Your Future Beloved


Every girl dreams about their wedding day, down to the dress, decorations, guests, etc. But the thing/person girls probably think and dream about the most is the groom. Being one of those girls myself, I can say that I have spent many nights lying in my bed, thinking about who my future husband will be and what sort of man he is. I’ve thought about how he might look, what he enjoys doing, what sort of personality he has, and much more. I’ve dreamed about meeting this perfect man, marrying him, and spending the rest of our lives together. But for awhile, this was all I ever did. I just sat there and daydreamed about the whole thing. I was missing the most important thing I could ever do for my future husband…pray.
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Praying for Your Future Children

This journey began for me several years ago, back in 2013. As some and many of you already know, I was hospitalized in Children’s Hospital, St. Paul for about two weeks, over Thanksgiving and into the first week of December. The reason for this was because I had eleven liters of yellowish fluid built up in my abdomen. It had gotten so bad that there was even fluid in my lungs and was making very hard for me to breathe. While at the hospital, the doctors put in a catheter to drain the fluid out of me. They also discovered that I had a growth on one of my ovaries and would have to do surgery to remove the growth. They also told me that I might lose that ovary. This worried me because I was afraid I might not be able to have children. Thankfully, my mom, the doctors, and a few other women in my life assured me that I would still be able to have children. When the surgery came, I found out when I woke up that they didn’t have to remove my ovary. I was very happy as you can probably imagine. To this day, the doctors at Children’s Hospital and my family’s personal doctor still don’t know what caused all the fluid build up and what exactly it was that I had.
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Gale’s Revenge – Chapter Four: A New World

We road all night, following the river north. I feel asleep twice while riding and almost fell off Moonbeam and into the water. Caleb wanted to stop but I refused. When he asked why I would not stop, I told him that I wanted to get to Lochdale before the troops from Griffindale could get there. Since we did not know when they would arrive, every moment we spent resting or stopping meant that the army could be one step closer. It would also make it a lot easier to get into the city and discover Rueben’s whereabouts if we arrived there before they did.
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Christians and Rock and Roll

Since the beginning of the rock and roll era, Christians have struggled with this question: Is rock or other forms of popular music inappropriate or wrong for the believer? There are many secular musicians that are immensely talented and can be quite entertaining. Some secular songs have catchy melodies, thoughtful insights, and positive messages. However, there are Christians who argue that God is not honored through rock music and that listening to that type of music is sinful.
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What Defines A Gentleman?

Today, I have very special guest writer and a good friend of mine, Caleb Harris. We became friends through an online writers/homeschooler forum thingy about year or so ago. Caleb is an awesome writer and is extremely talented at bladesmithing. Seriously, the weapons he makes are AMAZING! Anyway, here is a little something he wrote about what defines being a true gentleman. Enjoy!
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Shepherds, Sheep, and Swaddling Clothes


Christmas has come and gone, and for us Minnesotans, we are looking forward to the warm spring and summer months, spent on the lake and outside. But if I could for just a moment, I would like to rewind the clock and go back to the Christmas season. There is something I learned this past Christmas from a song that has changed the way I view and understand the Nativity story.
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Is Jesus Worth It?


Every year, my church has a week during the spring called “Mission’s Week”. For an entire week, my church focuses on missions and how God uses us to spread His kingdom all over the world. On Sundays, we have special speakers, usually missionaries, who share their testimonies and what God is doing through them in the world. We also have a few other events during the week, whether it’s going to hear a speaker, attending a workshop, etc.
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Questions, Questions, So Many Questions

Okay, so I’ve never really done any of these “tag” games that you see on blogs or social media sites. They’re not really my thing. But I felt that I should do a least one since it was requested of me by an OYANer and she gave my blog a plug in her blog post. So here it goes.

1. Would you rather be a world dictator or a prisoner for life?
Um, hmmmm. Well, to be honest, I don’t really like either of those options. Do I have to answer this question? Can I just say neither? *sigh* I guess I would say prisoner for life simply because I absolutely do not want to be a world dictator.

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Gale’s Revenge – Chapter Three: FIRE!

I awoke to the sound of someone opening a door. My eyes fluttered open. Sunlight streamed in at the window, making my head ache. I reached my hand up to my head and discovered that someone bandaged it. The same with the scratch on my arm. As I lay there, I looked about the room and found a young man bent over a fire, stirring something in a pot. The smell of venison, mingled with herbs and vegetables, wafted towards me and made my stomach growl. I groaned and tried to sit up but my strength would not let me. Upon hearing my groans, the man stood and came over to me. From his appearance, I guessed that he might be between the ages of 20 to 23. A wavy mop of blond hair lay atop his head, with two sparkling blue eyes that shone through the strands of hair hanging in his face.
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