When We All Get To Heaven…

A few weeks ago, an amazing man, author, and Christian went home to be with Jesus. That man was Nabeel Qureshi, a former Muslim and the author of “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus”. I have read Nabeel’s book and was heartbroken when I heard the news. But I was able to find joy in the fact that he is now face to face with Jesus at this moment.
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My Testimony

I am a Christian. And as a Christian, I have a testimony, like many other Christians do. A testimony (for those who don’t know), for Christians at least, is the story of your journey of coming to know Jesus as your Savior. I always enjoyed listening to other people’s testimonies during youth group, church services, Bible studies, retreats, etc.
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Gale’s Revenge – Chapter Ten: Change of Plans

We laid Henry to rest the next day. Itarille ordered for Henry’s body to be washed and dressed in the most splendid Elven armor.

Just before several Elves sealed the tomb, I asked for a few moments alone with him. I went into the tomb and stood beside my brother’s body.

A great Elven sword lay across his chest, his hands placed over the hilt and a peaceful look on his face. He almost looked like Father.
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Gale’s Revenge – Chapter Nine: Gone From Me

I paused for a moment outside the hut before I went into to see Caleb. When I opened the door, I found him asleep.

His chest moved up and down in a steady rhythm.

I tiptoed over to a chair near the bed and sat down. As I sat there, listening to the song of the birds outside, I couldn’t help but smile. After all the chaos, peace and rest. I walked over to the window and stood looking out. Sunlight drifted down through the canopy of leaves, casting a soft, golden green light over the kingdom. A breeze blew into the room, rustling the bedsheets.
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Gale’s Revenge – Chapter Seven: Learning to Trust

My lungs screamed for air. I ran so fast that I didn’t see the log in front of me and tripped. I landed face first on the ground. When I tried to stand, a sharp pain shot up my leg. I feared that my ankle might be twisted or even broken. I glanced over my shoulder and spotted the figures of horses racing towards me. I scrambled to get p and limped away as fast as I could. I searched around me. Some place to hide! Where could I hide? My pursuers were almost upon me, one of the horses near enough for its rider to reach out and grab me. I felt something tug on my clothing and-
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Gale’s Revenge – Chapter Five: Caught

I woke up the next morning, feeling refreshed but nervous. My stomach felt uneasy and full of butterflies. My hands trembled as I changed into my commoner’s clothing and stuffed the last of my royal garments into my satchel.

“Stop it!” I said out loud to myself, shaking my hands to get them to stop trembling.

“What’s the matter with you?” A knock at the door made me jump and return from my thoughts.
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Praying for Your Future Beloved


Every girl dreams about their wedding day, down to the dress, decorations, guests, etc. But the thing/person girls probably think and dream about the most is the groom. Being one of those girls myself, I can say that I have spent many nights lying in my bed, thinking about who my future husband will be and what sort of man he is. I’ve thought about how he might look, what he enjoys doing, what sort of personality he has, and much more. I’ve dreamed about meeting this perfect man, marrying him, and spending the rest of our lives together. But for awhile, this was all I ever did. I just sat there and daydreamed about the whole thing. I was missing the most important thing I could ever do for my future husband…pray.
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